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About Us

Canberra’s Premier Water Treatment Specialists

Hydro Industries’ premier water treatment specialists have been providing comprehensive water treatment and environmental services to Canberra and surrounding regions for over 30 years. In early 2023, we were delighted to expand our service offering to reach clients in the Newcastle area including the Lower and Upper Hunter regions, Central Coast and Mid North Coast.

As a locally owned and operated company, we provide expert advice and our extensive service capabilities are backed by over three decades of practical experience in all areas of industrial water treatment. 

We go above and beyond to deliver a personalised service that is tailored specifically to your facility and its unique needs. By harnessing the latest advancements in digital and chemistry technology, we ensure that our water treatment solutions are at the forefront of innovation. Our commitment to accuracy and efficiency means you can rely on real-time information, minimising the risks of operational errors.

We foster effective and responsible collaboration with our suppliers to ensure our clients receive a high-quality service. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering water treatment services and solutions that not only safeguard the health and safety of our clients and team, but also promote the preservation and sustainability of our planet's precious resources. 

Ready to be partners in environmental excellence?

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Our mission and values

Transforming water for a sustainable tomorrow

Hydro Industries is driven by a clear mission: to safeguard the environment, prioritise health and safety, ensure legislative compliance, and uphold rigorous quality management standards. These core values form the foundation of our operations and guide every decision we make. 

Environmental stewardship is at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to minimising the impact of our water treatment processes on the environment, striving for sustainable solutions and preserving nature's resources for future generations. By employing innovative technologies and best practices, we aim to promote ecological balance and protect sensitive ecosystems.

We place the utmost importance on health and safety. Our team is committed to creating and maintaining a safe working environment for both our clients and our own employees. We adhere to stringent health and safety protocols, conduct thorough risk assessments, and prioritise continuous training to ensure all aspects of our operations meet the highest standards of safety.

Legislative compliance is a cornerstone of our approach. We closely monitor and adapt to evolving regulations and industry standards, ensuring our water treatment processes meet or exceed all legal requirements. We proactively engage with regulatory bodies and stay up to date with emerging trends and advancements in the field to guarantee that our practices align with the latest guidelines.

Quality management is ingrained in our organisational culture. We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance. By implementing robust quality control measures, conducting regular audits and continuously seeking feedback, we ensure our clients receive the highest level of service and satisfaction.

That is why we’re known as Canberra’s premier water treatment specialists.

Our team

Your local water solution experts

Certifications & Licences

Dedicated to protecting our clients, our people and the world we live in

  • Quality Management System: AS/NZS ISO 9001-2016

  • Environmental Management System: AS/NZS ISO 14001-2016:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System: AS/NZS ISO 45001-2018

  • ACT Secure Local Jobs Certificate

  • CM3 Pre-Qualification Certificate

  • Avetta Pre-Qualification

  • NSW Contractors Licence

Ready to be partners in environmental excellence?

​Our team at Hydro Industries provides customisable solutions that ensure optimal water quality, efficiency, and environmental compliance.

With over 15 water treatment services available, our experts will transform your water treatment systems, saving you time, money and safeguarding the earth’s most precious resource.

See our full list of services and discover the power of cutting-edge water treatment services and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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